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Frequently Asked Questions

Why ride the Icelandic horse?
The Icelandic horse is known as being very intelligent and has a good feeling for the temperament of the rider and the riders abilities. It has five different gaits, which make it very comprehensive and exciting to ride.

Do I bring my own riding equipment?
No. Tranegård Wellness centre has equipment especially for our horses. The use of this is of course included in the prices. However, you are very welcome to bring your own favourite riding helmet.

Can I ride in regular clothes?
Yes without a problem, but we do not advise riding in shorts and sandals.

I have never ridden before, can I come and ride?
Absolutely. You will be given thorough instructions before riding anywhere, and the trail will be planned according to your abilities.
We have decided that our horses should not be ridden by riders who weigh more than 90 kg.

Can children ride as well?
Yes. The Icelandic horse is very child friendly with lots of patience. The child's age and riding experience will of course determine the length of the trail and type of ground. Another possibility would be leading the horse with the child or a beginner.